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Techie stuff for the online coaching industry made simple

Are you starting an online business? Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? You may be in need of technological assistance!

I’m helping solopreneurs like yourself to grow revenue

My aim is to help solopreneurs, just like yourself, to grow a revenue from their business. If you're anything like I was, you've attended courses. You've read the eBooks and you've bought the InfusionSoft license. You've created a product and you're committed to getting it out there. Somehow, you're not selling anything or making any money. All hope is not lost!

I’m Google Analytics and Google AdWords, eMarketing Institute SEO and Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional, I also hold a Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

I’ve worked with many “laptop lifestylers” (including Johnny and Lara and The 7 Steps Strategy

Whether you're just starting out, or already established, I can help you maximise your performance.

I can work with you to create an action plan, tailored to your needs.

I've spent 10 years figuring out what works to generate leads, get new customers/clients and build an innovative business. My focus is on the digital product market, as well as coaching/online courses. My service is largely coaching, working with you to figure out what you need and how to get it done. I'm willing to get my hands a little dirty, too. I'm happy to help revise:

  • What you've done so far
  • What actions you need to take
  • Your opt-in page
  • Your Facebook Ads
  • Your sales funnel

    You're probably asking “why would I choose you when there are so many more to choose from?”. You're right to ask. It's one thing to make a sales pitch, another to see it in practice. That's where I am different.

    I am 90% practice, with only 10% the theory.

    I know exactly what you need to do, based on what I've learned through my own business development.

  • Throughout my workshops, you will learn what I've used to help over 30 clients: Professional marketing strategies, tried and true. I am going to help you:

  • Boost your search engine rankings
  • Generate leads (paid search, Facebook/Twitter ads)
  • Bring targeted traffic to your business
  • Convert visitors into customers/clients

    Don't worry if you don't understand! I work closely with everyone to make sure you're following along.

    I want to help you make sense of the chaos and guide you through the complicated world that is online marketing!

    My next workshop is August 6th, 2017 in Leeds. I've only got 20 spaces available, so make sure to book now! We're going to cover WordPress websites, email auto-responding and marketing on a budget.

    There is no cost, but bring your laptop! More details will follow. Sign up below to be the first to know about new workshop dates/times.

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    I'm not the one to brag about myself, and yet:

    how to start an online business

    Anna is a tremendous digital professional with expansive industry knowledge. As one of the most professional individuals I have worked with, she gets stuck right into any task at hand, however challenging or trivial, delivers on time and in the most reliable fashion. I take delight in working with Anna - she's supportive, a great teacher, and has real personality! I'm certainly taking some leaves from Anna's book as I endeavour to grow a career that shines with as many accolades as hers.

    Laura Yuen, Public Desire
    how to start an online business

    Anna is an extremely knowledgeable SEO professional with extensive experience and a keen eye for detail. She knows how SEO works, but, most importantly, she understands the wider marketing mix and how its different parts work together. She is very creative, with brilliant campaign ideas. On a personal level, she is friendly, honest and with a great sense of humour. I've seen Anna achieve great results for multiple campaigns running at the same time. I would recommend Anna to anyone who wants to employ a reliable SEO professional.

    Konstantina Papaioannou, Farnell element14
    how to start an online business

    Anna is a hardworking individual who always strives to achieve the best results for her clients. She is always willing to support the SEO team to ensure that all deliverables are achieved on time. Anna has a in-depth knowledge of SEO which has helped her achieve some excellent rankings within competitive retail niches.

    Steve Chambers, Stickyeyes
    how to start an online business

    It was a pleasure working with Anna. She has a great sense of humor, vast knowledge about social media marketing and building websites. Her approach makes technical stuff easy to understand, even for technophobe like me. I highly recommend Anna's services!

    Paulina Jasko, Paulina's Pictures
    how to start an online business

    Anna's knowledge about marketing is simply incredible. She offered me some valuable advice on SEO and social media marketing which is definitely helping my business. And it was a great pleasure to work with her.

    Natalia Swiader, Natalia Swiader Photography

    I'm a certified expert

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